Our Services


Instead of completely taking over the full control of their property, our approach is more like an adviser, helping villa owners in operational management and property maintenance as well as achieving commercial goals of the property investment they made.

When homeowners having their own team in villa operational then BVM is ready to be involved in marketing aspect, managing the booking calendar and responsible in sales.

Unless they want it the opposite way, villa owners will be involved in marketing aspects such as pricing policy and marketing strategy or the property is not to be rented. Likewise, we will get our professional insights involved in operational and maintenance aspects such as property readiness monitoring, equipment choices and staffing.

Our villa management & holiday rental marketing services includes:

  • Preparing owner's holiday homes by giving suggestions to meet the standard so their holiday homes are ready to be rented.
  • Preparing villa operational team by hiring and training the staffs.
  • Building the villa brand for marketing aspect. BVM and each owner works together to design and create a unique villa brand. This includes building an official website, photography and professional editorial content.
  • Distribute comprehensive information of the villa through a diverse range of channels including worldwide industry specific partners, villa agents, comprehensive villa client database, online travel agents and tour operators.
  • Managing the booking calendar of each property.
  • Managing the staff salary and billing administration including villa maintenance, electricity, water supply, telephone and internet.
  • Providing monthly sales and accounting reports for each homeowner.
  • BVM do not charge a monthly fee for Full Management or Sole Marketing services. Our fee between 5 - 10% taken from each villa booking transaction.
  • BVM fee for Management Service (the villa not to be rented) is between US$ 600 to US$ 1000 depends on villa's location. 
  • BVM also act as a sales agent for selected private villas across the island. They have been privately inspected by our team to ensure guest satisfaction. Please visit BVM Villas for more info.